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Cocktail nerd, voice actor, and dad joke extraordinaire. Always looking to make a laugh, spin a tale and stir up some interesting stories.

Who says you can’t teach an old drink new tricks?

On one very busy Friday night, working at one of the busiest bars in Manhattan, a man ordered an Old Fashioned from me. But let me elaborate. He directed me exactly how to and not to make it.

Now, mind you, this guy seemed like he came straight from the movie “Goodfellas”. Thick Brooklyn-Italian accent, large (gaudy) pinky rings, a suit so expensive it looks like a cheap costume. His breath wreaking of cigar smoke. You get the picture.

He says “Lemme get one of those old fashioned drinks. Two…

Bitter? I hardly know her!

So, I’ve been working behind bars for a few years now, and attending a decent amount too. And one thing is for sure: navigating all those bottles behind the one making all those drinks is hard!

One of the best hidden gems that I always get a kick out of introducing to people, is among the weirdest. Typically with the strangest names, at least for the American public.

I’ll give a little sample at the end of a big meal to some fun people, and they always respond “Woah, that’s delicious! What was that?”


Hey, same here.

“woof, what happened last night…” -anyone who drinks too much sometimes

I think it’s safe to say outright, that hangovers are the worst. Sure, we all want to have a good time, a stiff drink (or several) sometimes and make some questionable decisions. Hey, that’s life! But the aftermath of a big night out has only gotten more brutal as the years go by.

Of course, we know it’s just something to deal with. “Power through”, yadda yadda. But, can’t a gurl just want to feel better and move on with their life without a nagging headache and unbearable nausea?!

Let’s be honest, you owe yourself a good cocktail.

Now, I’m guessing you’ve reached that pivotal point in lock down that you’ve started to pick up some new hobbies. Everything from sculpting and having a full on Ghost moment, to making entirely too much banana bread, and then teaching your cat how to play fetch and finally show some affection? No?….just me then. Well, I bet you’ve also gotten all too tired of a that (seemingly at this point) age-old “Quarantini”, huh? I’d say it’s time to pull out that inner mixologist and get yourself a decent cocktail! …

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